ASN Fees

Product Initial Assignment Fee (USD) Annual Renewal Fee (USD)
ASN 1.000 No hay
ASN for Nano, Micro, and IPv6 Small  500* No hay

The US$500 initial assignment fee for the Nano and Micro categories applies only to ISPs requesting the resource for the first time.  

During its November 2021 meeting, the LACNIC Board of Directors resolved to grant a 50% discount on the cost of ASNs for IPv6 Small ISPs requesting an ASN for the first time. During their November 2023 meeting, this discount was extended and will remain in effect until the end of 2024. The cost of ASNs will continue to be US$ 500.

Additional Information on ASN Fees


*ASN for Nano and Micro: The USD500 may be paid in 12 monthly installments over the initial 12 months.

Revocación de recursos

Under the Service Agreement, the renewal of ASN resources may be paid in 12 monthly installments only if the initial fee has been paid in due time. Failure to meet the deadlines will cause the resource revocation process to be initiated.