ISP IPv6 Fees

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Category IPv6 Block Initial Assignment Fee (USD) Annual Renewal Fee (USD) Payment before expiration date (discount) Payment 30 days after expiration date (late fee)
*Small Smaller than or equal to a /32 2.100 2.100 1.995 2.205
Medium Smaller than a /30 5.700 5.700 5.415 5.985
Large Smaller than a /28 14.000 14.000 13.300 14.700
X Large Smaller than a /26 28.000 28.000 26.600 29.400
2X Large Smaller than a /24 65.000 65.000 61.750 68.250
3X Large Smaller than a /22 105.000 105.000 99.750 110.250
4X Large Smaller than a /20 185.000 185.000 175.750 194.250
5X Large Smaller than a /19 345.000 345.000 327.750 362.250
6X Large Greater than or equal to a /19        
*IPv6 Small Category

During their August 2020 meeting, the LACNIC Board decided to grant a waiver for members receiving only a /32 of IPv6 addresses (the equivalent of the Small category). During their December 2021 meeting, the LACNIC Board decided to update the waiver defined during their August 2020 meeting. The fee for members in the Small category who have received only IPv6 addresses (up to a /32) will continue to be US$800 for the next two years, while the previous fee schedule will be reinstated in 2024.

This measure will be applied progressively as specified below:

Year Fee (USD)
2021 800
2022 800
2023 800
2024 1450
2025 1750
2026 2100

Additional Information on IPv6 Fees for ISPs

Membership Fee

Your membership fee will be based on the highest category in which you are included depending on the total number of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses you are assigned.


Under no circumstances will LACNIC refund fees in whole or in part due to the cancelation of a service agreement, the return of resources, and/or a change of category.

Annual Renewal

LACNIC will charge an annual renewal fee. This fee will be based on the category of the organization and must be paid on the date of the assignment's renewal.

LACNIC will email the corresponding invoice 65 days prior to its due date. Invoices paid before this date will receive a 5% discount on the invoice amount. Thirty days after the due date, a 5% surcharge will be applied.

By resolution of the LACNIC Board, if an additional allocation results in a change of category, the member will be issued a complementary invoice for the difference between the fee for their current category and the fee for their new category, for the months remaining until the following renewal date.

Resource Revocation

Under the Service Agreement, regardless of their category, membership renewal depends solely on the timely payment of the annual membership fees. Failure to meet the deadlines will cause the resource revocation process to be initiated.