IPv6 Fees for End-Users

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Category IPv6 Block Initial Assignment Fee (USD) Annual Renewal Fee (USD)
End User From a /48 up to and including a /35 2.500 600
Greater than a /35 up to and including a /32 5.000 600
Smaller than a /30 5.700 5.700
Smaller than a /28 14.000 14.000
Smaller than a /26 28.000 28.000
Smaller than a /24 65.000 65.000
Smaller than a /22 105.000 105.000
Smaller than a /20 185.000 185.000
Smaller than a /19 345.000 345.000
Greater than or equal to a /19    

Additional Information on IPv6 Fees for End-Users

Membership Fee

Your membership fee will be based on the highest category in which you are included depending on the total number of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses you are assigned.


Under no circumstances will LACNIC refund fees in whole or in part due to the cancelation of a service agreement, the return of resources, and/or a change of category.

Annual Renewal

LACNIC will charge an annual renewal fee. This fee will be based on the category of the organization and must be paid on the date of the assignment's renewal. LACNIC will email the corresponding invoice 65 days prior to its due date. No discounts or surcharges will apply to this category.

Resource Revocation

Under the Service Agreement, regardless of their category, membership renewal depends solely on the timely payment of the annual membership fees. Failure to meet the deadlines will cause the resource revocation process to be initiated.

Discount for NGOs

A 50% discount on the initial and membership renewal fees will be granted to non-profit non-government organizations which LACNIC considers to be end users. These discounts will only apply if the resources are used for non-profit services.

See Fee Waiver Procedure