Returning IP addresses & ASNs

Internet resources (IP addresses and AS numbers) assigned directly by LACNIC may be returned if the organization holding the resources no longer wishes to use them.

Resources assigned by ARIN or by the central registry to organization in the region prior to the creation of Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) may also be returned to ACNIC.

Resources may be returned for a variety of reasons, including cessation of business, merger with other organizations, network restructures, and others.

Once it has been returned to LACNIC, the organization previously holding the resource will no longer be allowed to use it. In addition, the resource's registration information will be removed from LACNIC's Whois database.

Internet resources returned to LACNIC may later be assigned to other organizations.

How to return IP addresses or ASNs

  1. The organization's administrative contact must first complete a resource return form, which is available at MiLACNIC.*
  2. Once the form has been submitted, a LACNIC analyst will contact the applicant to validate the resources that are to be returned.
  3. After the resource return is approved, the applicant will be emailed the document for returning the resources.
  4. The organization's legal representative must print this document, specify the resources to be returned, and sign the document by hand.
    To finalize the process, a scanned copy of the signed document must be submitted in response to the email approving the resource return, along with a legal document substantiating the appointment of the organization's legal representative.
  5. The return will become effective once LACNIC accepts the signed documents.

Example of the documents used for returning resources:

Document for returning resources assigned by LACNIC

Document for returning resources assigned by ARIN

Example of how to complete the documents:

Example of how to complete the document for returning resources assigned by LACNIC

Example of how to complete the document for returning resources assigned by ARIN

*If you can't remember your MiLACNIC password, you can reset it by clicking here. If you don't have access to the username or email address registered with LACNIC, please contact hostmaster [at] lacnic [.] net to recover access to MiLACNIC.