Fiscal Commission

LACNIC has a Fiscal Commission composed of three members. Members of this commission serve a three-year term of office; one member is renewed each year. Members of the Fiscal Commission are eligible for re-election as long as they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

The Fiscal Commission has the following responsibilities and duties:

  1. to permanently control all books and accounting documentation, overseeing management, controlling the state of the cash flow and the existence of funds, bonds and stock in accordance with the laws and bylaws in force
  2. to present suggestions to the Board of Directors in relation to the responsibilities detailed in the item above
  3. to pass judgment on the Annual Report, Inventory, General Balance Sheet and Expense and Income Accounts submitted by the Board of Directors for the consideration of the Ordinary Assembly at the end of each financial year
  4. to summon an Ordinary Assembly should the Board of Directors fail to do so, having previously notified the Board of Directors fifteen days in advance
  5. to request that an Extraordinary Assembly be summoned whenever it is deemed necessary, presenting the justification of the request before the General Bureau of Registries, Civil Associations and Foundations should the Board of Directors refuse to comply with the request
  6. to summon an Extraordinary Assembly, informing the Control Organ, should a member’s request according to the provisions of Article 14 be presented unsuccessfully
  7. to oversee operations for the liquidation of LACNIC; the Fiscal Commission shall fulfil its functions without interfering with the regular administration of the organization
  8. in case of third-party accusations, to investigate and resolve alleged conflicts of interest involving members of the Electoral Commission

More information: Articles 20 and 27, Chapter V - LACNIC Social Bylaws

Name Country Term
Adriana Ibarra Mexico 2021 Election - until 2024 Election
Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio Brazil 2022 Election - until 2025 Election
Hernán José Arcidiácono Argentina 2023 Election - until 2026 Election 

Former Members