LACNIC Community Code of Conduct

1. Values and Justification

LACNIC coordinates multiple community activities, including events, courses, workshops, social meetings and discussion lists. These activities are organized to promote the free exchange of ideas, encourage collaboration and share knowledge among the members of the regional technical community.

LACNIC celebrates the diversity of its community. The organization believes it is vitally important for these in-person or online participation spaces to be inclusive, safe and free from discrimination and/or violence of any kind.

2. Scope

This document establishes standards of behavior for those involved in LACNIC's participation spaces, whether in person or online. These standards apply to all participants, including, but not limited to, members of the community, LACNIC staff, members of committees, commissions, the Board of Directors, and forum chairs.

These standards apply without prejudice to any other specific regulations, which will be considered additional, complementary or supplementary to those contained in this document.  

3. Expected Behavior

Everyone involved in LACNIC's participation spaces is expected to:

  1. Equally respect and treat with courtesy all members of the LACNIC community, behaving in a professional manner and avoiding all forms of discrimination and/or harassment.
  2. Contribute to the debates with reasonable and informed comments, particularly when participating in policy development and decision-making processes.
  3. Listen respectfully to the views of other participants.
  4. Work to build consensus with other participants and to find solutions to problems, particularly in instances of debate, policy development and decision-making processes.
  5. Act fairly and in good faith in their interactions with other participants/members of the community.
  6. Act in the best interest of the LACNIC community.

4. Unacceptable Behavior

LACNIC is committed to promoting productive, inclusive and safe environments. Consequently, the following behaviors will not be tolerated:

Inappropriate behavior. LACNIC will not tolerate any form of antisocial behavior, such as disturbing or exerting physical violence against third parties, interrupting activities during an event, the misuse of public spaces or private property (e.g. damage to facilities), theft or other illegal behaviors.

Harassment. LACNIC will not tolerate any form of harassment. The organization promotes environments that are free of violence, physical, sexual, psychological, moral and other forms of harassment, as well as free of abuse of authority or other conducts that might create an intimidating or offensive environment.

Discrimination. LACNIC does not tolerate any form of discriminatory treatment, including but not limited to, discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, social origin, age, marital status, sexual orientation, ideology, political opinion, religion, mental or physical ability, or other personal, physical or social conditions.

5. Consequences and Process for Reporting Breaches of the Code of Conduct

The forms of unacceptable behavior listed above will not be tolerated from any member of the community, regardless of their hierarchy or position of authority. Those who are asked to cease their inappropriate behaviors must comply immediately.

If a member of the community behaves inappropriately, the LACNIC Ethics Committee will take any action it deems appropriate, even and including the temporary or permanent expulsion from the physical or online space in which such member is participating. In case of inappropriate behavior, the person involved may exercise their right of defense, without prejudice of which the LACNIC Ethics Committee may take the necessary preventative measures to avoid the aggravation of such conduct or behavior.

If you believe that the LACNIC Community Code of Conduct has been breached, or if you have doubts regarding a specific situation, please report the incident to comite-etica [at] lacnic [.] net. All complaints will be handled and analyzed by the LACNIC Ethics Committee in strict confidentiality ( In the case of a conflict of interests, the existing processes used to regulate incompatibilities will be followed.

Only permanent decisions (e.g. expulsions) may be reviewed. To apply for the review of a decision, please contact the Ethics Committee.