Trusted Representatives

Trusted Representatives are support figures defined within the framework of LACNIC's Community Code of Conduct. They are staff and community members designated by the LACNIC Board and their role is to provide support to the community as well as information regarding the Code of Conduct. They may help channel complaints and/or address situations that occur in LACNIC's in-person and online participation spaces and which require an immediate response.

Contacting a Trusted Representative does not equate to filing a formal complaint. In order for a complaint to be formally considered, it must be submitted to LACNIC's Ethics Committee by completing the following form.

Trusted Representatives follow an action protocol that guarantees the confidentiality of both the person filing the complaint and the person who is the subject of the complaint (the accused party). In the case of a conflict of interest, the existing processes that regulate incompatibilities will be followed (
Below is the list of current Trusted Representatives along with their email addresses:


Lía Solis

lia [at] ext [.] lacnic [.] net

Max Larson Henry

max [at] ext [.] lacnic [.] net

Ricardo Patara

ricardo [at] ext [.] lacnic [.] net


Adriana Rivero

adriana [at] lacnic [.] net

Ernesto Majó

ernesto [at] lacnic [.] net

Kevon Swift

kevon [at] lacnic [.] net

Backup Representative

Paula Manci

paula [at] lacnic [.] net