This document and/or information was originally written in Spanish, the official language of Uruguay, the country where LACNIC is legally incorporated and whose laws and regulations LACNIC must meet. Likewise, unofficial information and/or documents are also written in Spanish, as this is the language in which most of LACNIC's collaborators and officers work and communicate. We do our best to ensure that our translations are reliable and serve as a guide for our non-Spanish-speaking members. However, discrepancies may exist between the translations and the original document and/or information written in Spanish. In this case, the original text written in Spanish will always prevail.

ACT No.1. On the twenty seventh of July of two thousand one, in the city of Montevideo, the people signing below gathered under the presidency of Raúl Echeberría, ID: 1.865.140-5, and Germán Valdez, Mexican passport 98190135880 category P, acting as secretary, decide on the founding of a non-government non-profit organization to be named: Latin American and Caribbean Internet Address Registry (LACNIC) which bylaws unanimously approved are: