IPv4 Address Waitlist

The waitlist was created on 19 August 2020 when the last available IPv4 address block was assigned and is intended to create an order among organizations requesting IPv4 addresses.

Based on resource recovery behavior, we estimated that the last request on the IPv4 waiting list will receive resources in the first half of 2031 and will only be able to receive a maximum of 1,024 IPv4 addresses*.

*Please note that this date is not exact and may vary, as it is an estimate based on historical information. It is impossible to know exactly how many IPv4 address blocks will be recovered in the next few months.

The increase in waiting time is due to the fact that the number of requests received each month cannot be met with the space recovered or returned to LACNIC


In order to be included on the IPv4 waitlist, the organization must be a LACNIC member and must have been assigned IPv6 resources. Near the date on which quarantined blocks are to be released, the requests at the top of the waitlist will be analyzed and, if approved, LACNIC will assign the organization a block of IPv4 addresses.

It is important to mention that the IPv4 blocks assigned in this phase will have been under quarantine for a period of at least six months. While it is unlikely that these addresses will have been be announced or blacklisted and filtered, LACNIC cannot guarantee this, so the person receiving the resources will be responsible for their rehabilitation.

Handling Requests

Requests will be processed through our ticket system on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that positions on the waiting list may change. In other words, when a request is approved it will be included on the waiting list in a certain position; however, if another request is approved and the corresponding ticket was submitted at an earlier date, this position on the list will change.

Positions on the IPv4 waiting list are not transferable and are reserved solely for the organization on behalf of which the request was submitted (in case of purchase, sale, or merger, these positions will be lost).

Evaluation Criteria
  • Requests will be processed according to the provisions of Section 11.1 of the Policy Manual.
  • Requests must comply with the requirements set out for initial requests in Chapter 2 of the Policy Manual.
  • Only initial requests will be accepted.

Assignments will be made directly by the hostmaster of each organization.



Assignments will be made directly by the hostmaster of each organization.


Evolution of waiting list times for organizations that have received resources

Evolution of the number of requests on the waiting list