Information for LEAs

1. LACNIC and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)

Given the growth of cybercrime in recent years, Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) are collaborating with Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in various information and training initiatives to improve how public information is leveraged.

LACNIC cooperates with LEAs to address cybersecurity and public safety issues, fulfilling its responsibility as a critical actor within the Internet ecosystem.

LACNIC collaborates with these agencies both in training on cybersecurity issues as well as in data localization, available via the Whois service. In this sense, LACNIC CSIRT serves as an intermediary for law enforcement agencies to locate and interpret public information on LACNIC member organizations.

2. What information can LACNIC provide?

Generally speaking, the information that LACNIC is able to provide is publicly available and may be accessed through the Whois service.

Other than the information available in the Whois database, LACNIC has little additional information on its members (organizations that received IP addresses directly from LACNIC). This information, for example, might include the name of the organization's legal representative or billing contact.

For reasons of confidentiality, what little additional information LACNIC can provide must be requested by court order. Before requesting a court order, we first suggest checking out LACNIC's authority and what additional information the organization can provide. (LACNIC´s Authority).

Below you will find an overview of the type of publicly accessible information that LACNIC can provide to LEAs and the guidelines for obtaining such information:

  1. List of LACNIC member organizations at
  2. Public information on LACNIC member organizations is available in the Whois database at To interpret the data published via the Whois service, we suggest you refer to the following information at  

If you have any doubts or if you cannot find the information you are looking for, please complete this  form and LACNIC CSIRT staff will contact you shortly.

3. LACNIC's Authority

LACNIC is the organization responsible for the registration and assignment of Internet number resources (IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, as well as ASNs) for Latin America and the Caribbean. In this context, LACNIC collaborates with LEAs to locate and interpret the data of its member organizations that is available via the Whois service.

It is important to stress that LACNIC does not have the authority to take action with regard to the operations and systems of its member organizations. For example, LACNIC has no information on who operates the domain names or the clients of an Internet service provider (ISP) and does not have the authority to block a website, even if one of its member organizations is involved.

4. Contact

  1. If you cannot find the information you are looking for or need help in locating or interpreting data, please complete this form.
  2. If you have a court order or other legal request, please address your correspondence to: Rambla República de México 6125, Montevideo, Uruguay CP 11400.

If you have any further questions regarding this topic, please write to ordenes.judiciales [at] lacnic [.] net