Board of Directors

LACNIC is managed by an honorary Board of seven directors who represent the organization and are responsible for resource administration. They are elected by the vote of the members.

LACNIC is managed by an honorary Board of Directors consisting of eight members. This Board oversees the organization's political representation and is directly responsible for resource administration.

LACNIC's Board of Directors is representative of the organization's members: directors are elected directly by member vote.

As of January 2024, the LACNIC Board is made up of the following:

Name Position Country Term Ends
Alejandro Guzmán President Colombia December 2024
Evandro Varonil Vide President Brazil December 2024
Gabriel Adonaylo Treasurer Argentina December 2026
Wardner Maia Deputy Treasurer Brazil December 2025
Esteban Lescano Secretary Argentina December 2024
Carmen Denis Deputy Secretary Mexico December 2026
Javier Salazar Director Mexico December 2025
Rafael Lito Ibarra Director El Salvador December 2026
Oscar Robles Garay Executive Director*   -

* LACNIC's Executive Director participates in the Board of Directors meetings with rights equivalent to those of a director, with the exception of the right to vote.

Board Meetings

Board of Directors meetings

Former Directors

Board of Directors archive


During the first meeting of the year, the Board appointed representatives to the following committees to serve until the dates specified below:

Name Finance Committee Ethics Committee Information Risks and Security Committee NRO Executive Council* ASO Address Council*/** Lifetime Achievement Award Procedures Committee
Gabriel Adonaylo 2024           2024
Carmen Denis     2024        
Alejandro Guzmán       2024     2024
Esteban Lescano         2024    
Wadner Maia 2024            
Javier Salazar     2024        
Evandro Varonil           2024  
Rafael Lito Ibarra   2024 2024       2024

* LACNIC Board representative
** He will conclude his term on 31 March 2025