Adhering Member Fees

Category Initial Membership Fee (USD) Annual Renewal Fee (USD)
Adhering Member 600 600

Additional Information on Adhering Member Fees

Members without Resources

This membership category comprises organizations and individuals who have not been assigned any IP addresses.

Adhering Members
  • Organizations residing in Latin America and the Caribbean or that conduct their activities mainly in Latin America and the Caribbean, related to Internet development and/or comprised of Internet service providers, and which make a relevant contribution to Internet-related policies in the region and agree with the goals of LACNIC.
  • Organizations that manage IP addresses that are not part of the address space distributed to LAC and that are geographically located in the LAC region.
  • Any person, company or institution designated as such by decision of LACNIC's Member Assembly in recognition of their activities in furtherance of the goals of LACNIC.
  • Any natural or legal person who contributes significantly to LACNIC's financial support.
How to Become a Member
  1. Complete the Membership Application Form.
  2. Submit relevant documentation to prove that the organization has been legally constituted for at least one year.
  3. Submit a letter or email explaining the reasons for becoming an Adhering Member.
  4. Pay the initial fee.
Annual Renewal

Each year, on the date of the assignment's renewal, LACNIC will charge an annual renewal fee based on the organization's category. LACNIC will email the corresponding invoice 65 days prior to its due date. No discounts or surcharges will apply to this category.