Policy Shapers Program

The Policy Shapers Program

The Policy Shapers program was created in 2022 and is the continuation of the Líderes program. It awards training scholarships to a group of researchers who have participated in the Líderes program. The Policy Shapers program aims to support these researchers in their journey into the world of Internet Governance, providing them with tools to enhance their profiles as experts and leaders in this area.

The Selection Process

Eight participants will be selected in collaboration with the Líderes program mentors. To be eligible, these participants must have successfully completed the Introduction to Internet Governance course on the LACNIC Campus. The group will be recognized as Policy Shapers and will embark on a training journey consisting of three stages, each of which must be successfully completed.

The Three Stages of the Training Program

The year following the completion of their research under the Líderes Program, participants will begin the training stages of the Policy Shapers Program, which will have a total duration of one year.

Stage 1: Participation in LACNIC's first annual event.


Date: May

This consists of a full sponsorship to attend LACNIC's first annual event in person. A series of activities specially designed within the framework of the program will be conducted throughout the week of the event. These activities will complement the event program. 

Stage 2: Inter-American Diploma Course- IIDH

This stage considers two training options. On the one hand, participants can choose to enroll for the First Inter-American Diploma Course “The Human Right to Privacy and Protection of Personal Data,” offered in Spanish. On the other, participants can opt for a Diplo Foundation course to be defined exclusively for English speaking participants.

  • Inter-American Diploma Course “The Human Right to Privacy and Protection of Personal Data” by the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIDH)
    • Date: Starts in September
    • This consists of a sponsorship to complete the Diploma, which has a six-week duration and is offered in a fully virtual mode, using information and communication technology.
    • More information: https://www.iidh.ed.cr/
  • Diplo Foundation course for English speaking candidates 

Stage 3: Internet Governance Diploma, DiGi

Date: November

This consists of a sponsorship that covers the tuition fee. Sessions include a combination of lectures, seminars, and group workshops. The course comprises both a virtual component and a face-to-face component that will allow participants the opportunity to visit Casa de Internet.

More information: https://digi.lat/

How to Participate

The first step to participate in the Policy Shapers program is to apply for the current edition of LACNIC's Líderes program and be among the selected candidates. The year after the conclusion of the research period, you will be able to advance and join the group of Policy Shapers. 

The terms and conditions of the Líderes program are available at the following link: https://www.lacnic.net/5480/1/lacnic/lideres