2022 Co-chair of the Policy Development Process Elections


The electronic election of Co-Chair of LACNIC´s PDP will start on 15 March at 18:00 UTC. Those eligible to vote will receive instructions about the elections before this date.
• People who have subscribed to the Public Policy List before the closure of the electoral roll (28 February at 18:00 UTC) will be allowed to vote. LACNIC staff members are not allowed to vote.
• Vote will be anonymous.
• Once the votes are count, the person who has obtained the largest number of marks (votes) will be proclaimed Co-Chair of LACNIC PDP for a two-year period starting at the end of this PPF, until the end of the PPF of 2024.
• If there is a tie in the votes received, the voting will be cast again. Only the candidates who are tied will participate on this second voting.

PDP Chairs

To learn about the co-chair's role, their responsibilities and obligations, go to Section 3.2 of the Policy Development Process at the following link:

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