2022 Co-chair of the Policy Development Process Elections

This is an open call for nominations of candidates to occupy the position of Co-Chair of the LACNIC Policy Development Process. The vacant will be generated when Ariel Weher ends his term at the end of the Public Policy Forum to be held in May 2022.

The election of Co-Chair of the PPF will be made in the following manner:


Calling for candidates will be made on 7 February 18:00 UTC. The candidate must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be a LACNIC member
  • Be nominated by a LACNIC member*

*The nomination must be submitted by the designated membership contact of the organization before LACNIC.

  • LACNIC staff could not nominate candidates nor be nominated.
  • Self nominations are allowed.
  • The term for presentation of candidates is due on 28 February at 18:00 UTC.
  • On 8 March at 18:00 UTC the candidates' names and bios will be published in LACNIC´s web site.
  • The electronic election of Co-Chair of LACNIC´s PDP will start on 15 March at 18:00 UTC

Nominating candidates

To nominate a candidate, please send an email to eleccion_mfp@lacnic.net with the subject: "Chair of the Public Forum" including the following information:


  1. Candidate´s name:
  2. Country of residence:
  3. Organization name:
  4. E-mail address:
  5. Biographical information:


  1. Motivation for nomination:
  2. Nominator's Name:
  3. Organization:
  4. E-mail address:

All confirmed nominations will be listed on LACNIC´s website with biographical information after 8 March at 18:00 UTC.