LACNIC POLICY MANUAL (v2.18 - 27/04/2023)

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For the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, IP address space is allocated by IANA to LACNIC for its subsequent allocation and assignment to National Internet Registries (NIRs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and end users. In addition, administration of Autonomous System Numbers and reverse resolution space are critical components for the efficient operation of the Internet on a global level. This document describes the policies and procedures relating to the allocation, assignment and administration of IPv4 and IPv6 address space, ASN, and the delegation of the reverse resolution space assigned to Latin America and the Caribbean. These policies must be followed by NIRs, ISPs, and end users.

Change Log

Version 2.17 - Download version

Add changes of the proposal:

  • LAC-2022-1: Unify texts that apply both IPv4 and IPv6

Versión 2.16 - Download version

Add changes of the proposal:

  • LAC-2021-4: Permission to Transfer and Non-Return of Resources

Versión 2.15 - Download version

Add changes of the proposal:

  • LAC-2021-1: Modify section “ and 4.3 Inclusion of origin ASN in WHOIS responses when available”

Versión 2.14 - Download version

Add changes of the proposal:

  • LAC-2019-9: Update to “Resource Recovery and Return” and consistency with the rest of the Manual
  • LAC-2019-12: ROAs RPKI con ASN 0

Versión 2.13.1 - Download version

The following text in section is eliminated “ * Currently, only intra-RIR transfers are implemented. Inter-RIR transfers are in the process of implementation”.

Version 2.13 - Download version

Add changes of proposals:

  • LAC-2018-5: Registration and validation of abuse contact
  • LAC-2019-2: IPv4 Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Relocations
  • LAC-2019-3: IPv6 Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Relocations
  • LAC-2019-4: ASN Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations and Relocations
  • LAC-2019-6: Resources Are Assigned in a Unique and Exclusive Capacity

Version 2.12 – download version

Add changes of proposals:

  • LAC-2018-7: Clarifications of Sub-Assignments
  • LAC-2019-1: IPv4 Resource Transfer Policy (comprehensive)

Version 2.11 - download version

Add changes of proposals:

  • LAC-2018-8: Update to the Policy on IPv4 Assignments to End Users
  • LAC-2018-11: Remove the reference to an applicant's multihomed status from the policy on IPv4 assignments to end users

Version 2.10 - download version

Add changes of proposals:

  • LAC-2018-3: IP-Based Geolocation
  • LAC-2018-4: Review and correction of errors in the IPv6 policy
  • LAC-2018-9: Update to the Policy on Initial IPv4 Allocations to ISPs

Version 2.9 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2017-9: Modifying "Subsequent Allocation" for IPv6
  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2017-8: Modifying initial allocations to End User
  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2017-6: Modify the Resource Recovery Process

Version 2.8 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2016-7: Modify the size of initial IPv6 allocations
  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2017-1: Rectifying the size of initial allocations
  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2017-4: Modify the minimum size of initial allocations to ISPs
  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2017-5: Addenda − Resource revocation

Versión 2.7 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2016-2: IPv4 reserve pool for critical Internet infrastructure in the region.

Version 2.6 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2016-4: Modify direct IPv6 address assignments to end users.
  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2016-6: Modify the initial assignment size and the requirements for subsequent direct IPv6 assignments to end sites

Version 2.5.1 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal Trigger when a justified request larger than /22 is received which can not be allocated from any remaining pool of addresses at LACNIC.

Version 2.5 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC –2015-4: Resource Recovery Timeline.
  • Add changes of proposal LAC –2015-5: Increase the minimum period of time required before a block can be transferred under section

Version 2.4 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC – 2015-6 – Modify the scope of IPv4 Exhaustion Phase 2 for the region.

Version 2.3 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC – 2014-2 – Modification to the text describing ASN distribution requirements.

Version 2.2 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC – 2013-4 – Management of Returned Internet Resources.

Version 2.1 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2013-03v2 - Adapting the allocation / assignment policy for IPv4 exhaustion.

Version 2.0 - download version

  • Add changes of proposal LAC-2013-02 Principles of Governing the Distribution of Number Resources

Version 1.12 - download version

  • Appendix 5, Requirements for ASO AC nominees

Version 1.11 - download version

  • Post-Exhaustion IPv4 IANA-distributed Allocations/Assignments (LAC-2012-05) added
  • Update RIRs-on-48 (LAC-2012-09) added
  • Allocation of IPv6 address blocks larger than a /32 (LAC-2012-10) added
  • Eliminating Requirement for Initial IPv4 End-User Requests (LAC-2012-12) added

Version 1.10 - download version

  • Registering assignments (LAC-2012-02) added.
  • Special IPv4 Allocations/Assignments Reserved for New Members (LAC-2012-02) added.

Version 1.9 - download version

  • Global Policy for post exhaustion IPv4 allocation mechanisms by the IANA (LAC-2011-05) added.

Version 1.8 - download version

  • Modification of Section 2.3.4 - Policies for the Distribution of Additional IPv4 Address Space (LAC-2011-03) added.
  • Add line 6 to Section 11.1 of the Policy Manual on IPv4 address exhaustion (LAC-2011-04) added.
  • Distributions / Allocations for a smooth finish of IPv4 resources (LAC-2011-06) added.

Version 1.7.1 - download version

  • Reference to IPv4 Resources Distribution Report added in section 2.3.4.

Version 1.7 - download version

  • Elimination of technical restrictions on IPv6 prefix de-aggregation (LAC-2011-01) added.
  • Modification of Section 2.3.3 - Initial IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment (LAC-2011-02) added.

Version 1.6 - download version

  • Inclusion of ASN in the whois when available (LAC-2010-03) added.

Version 1.5.1 - download version

  • Typing error in chapter 7 corrected.

Version 1.5 - download version

  • Modification: Direct Allocations to Internet Service Providers (LAC-2009-09) added.
  • Initial allocation and assignment of IPv4 addresses for ISPs (LAC-2010-05) added.
  • Assignment to End Users with need of interconection (LAC-2010-06) added.

Version 1.4 - download version

  • Transfers of IPv4 Blocks within the LACNIC Region (LAC-2009-04) added.
  • Resource recovery (LAC-2009-06) added.
  • Modifications to the IPv6 Prefix Initial Allocation Policy (LAC-2007-01) added.

Version 1.3 - download version

  • IPv6 Allocations to ISPs or LIRs with previous IPv4 allocations (LAC-2009-02) added.
  • ASPLAIN notation for 32-bit ASNs (LAC-2009-03) added.
  • Allocation of 16-bit only ASNs (LAC-2009-05) added.
  • Modification of the minimum initial IPv4 allocation size for ISPs to a /22 (LAC-2009-07) added.

Version 1.2

Global Policy for the Allocation of the Remaining IPv4 Address Space (LAC-2008-01) added.

Version 1.1 - download version

  • Global ASNs Policy (LAC-2007-08) added.

Version 1.0

  • Original Version.