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LACNIC shall provide a bulk copy of the WHOIS information only to those organizations that will use the information for technical research and/or Internet operation purposes. The request for information and LACNIC’s resolution either denying or authorizing the request may be published.

In order to request this information, you must complete the following form and send the original copy, by post, to the following address:

LACNIC Subject: Bulk WHOIS Request

Rambla República de México 6125,

Montevideo Uruguay, CP 11400

Application forms sent by fax shall not be accepted. In order to be accepted, the application form must contain the following information:

Applying Organization:


Address of the Organization:


Point of Contact:

Name: _________________________________________________

Telephone: _________________________________________________

Fax: _________________________________________________

E-mail: _________________________________________________

Reason for the application and intended use of the information:


8.1.Acceptable Use of LACNIC’s Bulk Whois

LACNIC’s bulk WHOIS shall only be used for technical research and/or Internet operation purposes, such as designing and developing security software, projects for improving Internet performance, and web traffic optimization. It may not be used for publicity, direct marketing, market research, or other similar purposes. The use of information contained in LACNIC’s WHOIS for these purposes is expressly prohibited, and shall entitle LACNIC to discontinue the applicant’s access to information and initiate the corresponding legal actions. LACNIC requests that it be notified in case of proven or suspected misuse of this information.

Redistribution or retransmission of the information by any means is expressly prohibited. Should an Applicant intend to publish all or part of the supplied information, said Applicant must request LACNIC’s prior written consent.

This application form shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uruguay. In case of differences, disagreements or controversies between parties arising from this contract, said parties shall attempt to solve them by conciliation through the Center for Conciliation and Arbitrage of the Uruguayan Stock Exchange (Centro de Conciliación y Arbitraje de la Bolsa de Comercio del Uruguay), according to the regulations contained in the Conciliation Code of said Center. Should this conciliation fail, these differences, disagreements or controversies shall be definitely solved through arbitration. The arbitrators shall be three in number and for their designation, as well as for the arbitration procedure, the regulations contained in the Arbitration Code of the Center shall be observed.

In witness whereof, I have signed my name on the date set forth below:





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Position within the Organization:


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