2023 Co-chair of the Policy Development Process Elections

About the election


The electronic election of Co-Chair of LACNIC´s PDP will start on 11 April at 18:00 UTC. Those eligible to vote will receive instructions about the elections before this date.

People who have subscribed to the Public Policy List at least 6 months before the announcement of the election (8 September 2022 at 18:00 UTC) will be allowed to vote. LACNIC staff members are not allowed to vote.

Vote will be anonymous.

Once the votes are count, the person who has obtained the largest number of marks (votes) will be proclaimed Co-Chair of LACNIC PDP for a two-year period starting at the end of this PPF, until the end of the PPF of 2025.

If there is a tie in the votes received, the voting will be cast again. Only the candidates who are tied will participate on this second voting.

PDP Chairs

To learn about the co-chair's role, their responsibilities and obligations, go to Section 3.2 of the Policy Development Process at the following link: