2022 Elections: LACNIC Board of Directors


The LACNIC Board recommends refraining from mass messaging contacts obtained from LACNIC's database for election campaign purposes. Likewise, the LACNIC Board reminds everyone that the purpose of the LACNIC mailing lists is to discuss specific topics and that they should therefore not be used to campaign during elections.

Who can vote

How to vote in the LACNIC elections: click here to watch the video.

LACNIC members: Internet Providers (ISP), End Users and Founding Members.

The organization must be current with their membership fees on the closing date for voter registration specified in this year's calendar (the list of organizations authorized to vote).

Each member organization has a designated representative in LACNIC's database (Nic Brasil – Nic Mexico), the organization’s membership contact, who will be able to vote through the Mi LACNIC portal: milacnic.lacnic.net *

This contact will also receive an email containing their voting link.

* This option is not enabled for organizations in Brazil, as they cannot access the Mi LACNIC system.

Each member is fully responsible for the veracity and update of their membership contact's name and email address, as well as the rest of the information included in LACNIC's database (Nic Brasil – Nic Mexico).

Online voting will be conducted using LACNIC's election software.

The number of votes assigned to each organization ranges from 1 to 11, depending on their membership category (the IP address space assigned to the organization):

Number of votes for each organization