MiLACNIC Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset the password I use to log in to MiLACNIC?

Click the “Forgot your password?” option. Enter your user ID and click “Send.” You will receive a password reset email at the address linked to the user ID. If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your spam folder. If you still can’t see the message, contact hostmaster [at] lacnic [.] net.

How do I change the display language in LACNIC's resource management system?

The system interface is displayed in the language selected by the user at the time of registering, but this can be changed to Spanish, English or Portuguese. To change the interface language, log in to MiLACNIC, click on your user name (top left corner of the screen) and select the “Profile” option. Select the desired language.

At any time, you can also select the temporary language of your choice by clicking on the options available in the top right corner of the screen: ES (Spanish), EN (English), PT (Portuguese).

How do I update the information of an IP address block or ASN which has not been assigned to me by LACNIC?

Before updating any information about such resources, the information about the entity received by LACNIC from ARIN must first be updated. To do so, you must ask LACNIC's hostmaster for a one-time password. When you email the hostmaster, don't forget to include the Owner-ID and the User-ID of the organization.

You will receive an email containing a password you can use to update the entity. Log in to LACNIC's resource administration system ( with your USER ID and personal password. Once you've logged in, click on “Legacy resources.” On the next screen, enter the organization's OWNER-ID and the password that was emailed to you. At the end of this process, the resources assigned to this entity will be visible on the system's start screen. The authenticated user (USER ID) will be the contact for these resources and will be able to manage them.

How do I manage the resources assigned to my organization?

IP address blocks and ASNs must be managed by their technical contact. To do so, login to MiLACNIC with your personal user ID and password.

The system's home page shows the resources for which the user is the technical contact. To manage these resources, click on an IP address block or ASN.

In the case of IP addresses, the user will be able to sub-assign blocks to third parties, delegate reverse DNS resolution, visualize the use of the blocks that have already been assigned, and specify the ASN from which the IP address block will be announced (for information purposes).

I've logged in to MiLACNIC with my user ID and password, but I don't see any of the IP address blocks or ASNs assigned to my organization. What should I do?

Check if the user ID with which you logged in to the system is the technical contact any IP address blocks or ASNs. To do so, look up the IP address block or ASN in the LACNIC Whois database. Then look for the “tech-c” field. This will specify the user ID of the technical contact for the queried IP address block or ASN. To manage the resource, login to the system with this user ID or the “owner-c” user.

How can I manage the points of contact for my organization?

Log in to MiLACNIC with the user ID of your organization's administrative contact. Remember that each LACNIC member organization has three points of contact: an administrative contact, a billing contact, and a membership contact.

Once you've logged in, go to the menu on the left and select the “Information” option for your organizations’ OrgID.

On the following screen, the “Edit Contacts” button will allow you to modify the administrative, billing and membership contacts. To do so, use the corresponding user ID or search for the name of the person or e-mail associated to their user ID.

If you need further information, we've prepared a guide and a video for this topic.

How do I register a sub-assignment in LACNIC's database?

According to the LACNIC policies in force, any /29 or shorter prefix (i.e., 8 or more IP addresses) sub-assigned to a third party must be registered on LACNIC's database and available via a Whois query.

To complete this procedure, log in to MiLACNIC with your organization's userID. Once you've logged in, go to the side menu, select the “IP/ASN” option, and identify the block assigned by LACNIC with you would like to work. Then select the “Sub-assign” option.

On the next screen, enter the “ownerid” or “orgID” of the organization that will receive the block or search for the organization by name. If the recipient of the sub-assignment has no registered orgID, you can use the option on the right to enter the required information and automatically create one.

You can then select the block size and specific range of addresses you wish to assign to the recipient you just specified.

Bear in mind that, in order to sub-assign prefixes longer than a /24 (i.e., blocks smaller than a Class C), reverse resolution must have been properly delegated.

Click on the following link for a complete guide on this topic: