Latin American participation in IETF

Date Start Duration
July 15  17:00 UTC  60 min 

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided into Spanish, English and Portuguese.


The IETF is a key space for defining the technical protocols that govern Internet operation. However, participation of Latin American professionals and women in IT is extremely limited. What is the reason behind this? Why is it important to participate in the IETF and how can you get involved? This webinar will be presented by Juliana Guerra and Joey Salazar, members of different IETF working and research groups, who will address these questions with a focus on human rights. The activity is open to the public in general. This is a webinar organized by IT Women. Workshops organized by IT Women seek to analyze and provide tools to overcome the obstacles that limit the full participation of women in LACNIC's participation spaces. They are open to any member of the community interested in achieving an increasingly plural participation.


Joey Salazar & Juliana Guerra