How to Participate

Community participation is key for contributing to regional Internet development.

There are many ways in which you can get involved:

Policy Development

LACNIC operates based on a self-regulation model according to which the rules (policies) that govern Internet resource administration are developed by the regional community through a public, participative and transparent process that is open to anyone who wishes to participate and built on consensus.

The policy development process (PDP) validates the creation and modification of the policies that the RIR applies in its service region. For further details about the PDP, click here.

Anyone interested in doing so can submit a policy proposal to improve how resources are currently assigned. To submit a new policy proposal, click here

You can also check out the list of proposals  presented to date, including those that have achieved consensus, those currently under discussion, and those that have been abandoned.

If you have any doubts, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.   


LACNIC encourages members of the community to participate in the different electoral processes held each year. Some of these processes are only open to LACNIC members, while others are open to the community at large.

Learn about and participate in the elections currently underway.


LACNIC events provide a regional meeting space for multistakeholder dialogue, high-level technical training, and the discussion of the issues most relevant to the Internet community. For more information, check out the program for our upcoming events.

LACNIC On The Move

LACNIC On The Move are two- to three-day events focused on sharing information, experiences and best practices on IPv6 deployment, the promotion of Internet exchange points, IT security topics, and key global Internet governance issues. For more information on upcoming On The Move events, click here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

LACNIC events offer companies visibility and networking opportunities. If you are interested in sponsoring our events, learn more about our sponsorship categories and the benefits we offer.

Discussion Lists

Discussion lists are spaces where participants share their points of view and seek agreement on Internet development issues that will promote and represent regional interests.
These lists also allow subscribers to receive information on different activities, calls for candidates for the organization’s electoral process, calls for projects, courses and other relevant information.

Click here for more information and to subscribe to the discussion lists best suited to your interests.

News Bulletin

LACNIC News is LACNIC's monthly newsletter where we publish articles and interviews on IPv6, cybersecurity, governance, cooperation projects, and the latest news on the Internet in our region. Click here to subscribe

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