Nancy Julia Cordova Gamarra


Nancy Julia Cordova Gamarra has a degree in electronic engineering from the National University of San Marcos, Peru. She specializes in the design, implementation and operation of major IP network projects for the business, banking and government sectors, as well as working with the largest telecommunications company in Peru.

She has experience in the operation of voice and data equipment. She is currently working in the IP Services department of the company she represents, where work is results-oriented and for which she currently manages all IPv4 and IPv6 resources. This organization is one of the region's pioneers in the area of IPv6 implementation.

Nancy is an active member of the LACNIC community. She subscribes to various discussion lists, and attends LACNIC meetings in the capacity of her organization's membership contact. She provides active support when handling security incidents involving the networks she manages. Likewise, she also provides support in the handling of incidents in which the networks her company manages are involved.