Announcements 2015

05/01/2015 Job Opportunities LACNIC 12/01/2015 Oscar Robles appointed LACNIC's new Chief Executive Officer 03/02/2015 Lima set to receive the LACNIC community in May 17/08/2017 FRIDA announces new funding for ICT projects in Latin America and the Caribbean 02/03/2015 Five Latin American and Caribbean initiatives will be recognized for their contribution to the development of the Internet in our region. 09/03/2015 First Online Course on IPv6 at the LACNIC Campus 20/05/2015 LACNIC statement regarding the process followed by CRISP 22/05/2015 LACNIC 23 successfully comes to a close 02/06/2015 First Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum launched in Barbados 04/06/2015 World IPv6 Day 05/06/2015 LACNIC Campus to offer a new IPv6 course 20/07/2015 FRIDA, the Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean, is pleased to announce the winners of its 2015 call for projects 04/08/2015 Paraguay to Welcome the Upcoming Edition of the Amparo Workshop 05/08/2015 Ral Echeberra Receives the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award 12/09/2015 Netnod and LACNIC Sign MOU 14/09/2015 Colombia Welcomes the Region's most Important Internet Meeting 08/10/2015 Changes to LACNIC's Organizational Structure 30/10/2015 LACNIC is celebrating its 13th anniversary, and we have more than 5,000 reasons to continue working 03/11/2015 LACNIC Campus announces that registration is now open for its Advanced IPv6 and Testing v6 courses 05/11/2015 LACNIC to Co-Organize the First IETF Event to be Held in the LAC Region 25/11/2015 LACNIC among the Greatest Places to Work 17/12/2015 Changes in the Positions within the LACNIC Board of Directors Starting in 2016 23/12/2015 2015 Announcement: Happy Holidays!