LACNIC Electoral Commission Elections 2023

Important notice:

The LACNIC Board of Directors advises members not to distribute electoral propaganda by bulk messaging contacts obtained from the LACNIC database. LACNIC mailing lists are to be used only for the discussion of specific topics.

Official results

20 March, 2023

The Electoral Commission of LACNIC announces that Nancy Cordova and Cristóbal Chapital have been elected to occupy two positions in the LACNIC Electoral Commission for the period of 3 years from this moment and until the end of the electoral process of 2026. 

Electoral Commission Certificate – 2023 Electoral Commission elections  

Our most cordial greeting and enthusiastic welcome to the new members and an enormous thank you to the candidates. Your initiative has been essential to this process.

LACNIC Electoral Commission 

If you have any question for the commission, please contact 

Interim Results

These interim results will be subject to audit by the Electoral Commission and potential claims regarding the online voting process:

Publication of provisional results subject to audit by the E.C. and the voters

13 March

starting at 18:00 UTC

Audit by the Electoral Commission

13, 14, 15 March

starting at 18:00 UTC / until 18:00 UTC

Audit by voters and submission of potential claims regarding the voting process

16, 17 March

starting at 18:00 UTC / until 18:00 UTC

Publication of official results if no claims are received regarding the voting process

20 March

starting at 18:00 UTC

These interim results are published to avoid the disclosure of unofficial results through channels external to LACNIC before votes have been audited.

According to the provisions of the LACNIC Bylaws and the calendar of this electoral process, elections were held from 6 to 13 March 2023 to select candidates who will fill two seats on the LACNIC Electoral Comission. Voting was conducted online. The voting period is now closed and the elected candidates are:

Nancy Julia Cordova Gamarra

Cristóbal Chapital Tirado


Candidates Votes %
Nancy Julia Cordova Gamarra 1047 26%
Cristóbal Chapital Tirado 767 19%
Ignacio Ribeiro Larravide 717 18%
Horacio Tedesco 637 16%
Wilmer Miguel Sarango Torres 470 12%
Abstención / Abstention / Abstenção 313 8%
Total of votes 3951 100%
  • Number of organizations authorized to vote: 11659
  • Number of organizations that voted: 1179
  • Percentage: 10%

If you have any question for the Electoral Commission, please address them to