Intra-regional IPv4 transfers

Intra-regional IPv4 block transfers are allowed within the LACNIC service region without the need for a merger or acquisition between the companies involved.


Complete the corresponding form providing information about the transfer, such as the resources to be transferred, the receiving organization and the reason for the transfer.

This form must be completed by the userID of the offering organization's administrative contact.


To ensure that the organization receiving the resources meets the requirements and justifies the IPv4 space to be transferred, we recommend that they apply to be included on the List of Possible IPv4 Transfers as a Receiving Organization. This service is available at the following link:


In addition to submitting the transfer form, both the offering and the receiving organization must meet certain requirements and agree to the conditions specified in section of the Policy Manual.


At LACNIC's request, the offering organization must present documentation confirming that the applicant is duly authorized to make the transfer. LACNIC may conduct an investigation through external collaborators to certify the authenticity of any submitted documents.

If the transfer request is approved, the organizations involved must sign a transfer agreement as well as a joint order.

If the receiving organization has not already been assigned resources by LACNIC or if they hold legacy resources, they must sign a service agreement with LACNIC.

Administrative Fee

Transfers made under this section will be subject to an administrative fee based on the size of the block to be transferred, according to the following categories:

  1. Block larger than or equal to a /24 and smaller than a /19
    Administrative fee: US$ 1,000
  2. Block larger than or equal to a /19
    Administrative fee: US$ 1,500

When initiating the transfer request and before the corresponding justification is analyzed, the requesting organization that belongs to the LACNIC region (whether an offering or a receiving organization) must make a down payment of US$ 200. If the transfer cannot be justified and is consequently not approved, this initial payment will not be refunded.

If the transfer request is approved, the receiving organization must pay the remainder of the total fee based on the categories mentioned above.

If the receiving organization receives multiple IPv4 blocks from different offering organizations, each transfer will be treated independently, and an individual fee will apply for each transfer.


If the receiving organization is a member of LACNIC and its category changes, a complementary invoice will be issued for the difference corresponding to the new category for the number of months remaining until the renewal date.

If the receiving organization is not a LACNIC member, an invoice will be issued for the full amount for the corresponding category, plus the administrative fee.

Both the offering and the receiving organization (when applicable) must be current with their contractual obligations to LACNIC.