Network Security with RPKI

Date Duration 
 9 jun  40 min


Statistics show that attacks occur on the Internet every day. Taking care of the security of the networks that shape the Internet is now more important than ever, especially now that society is relying heavily on the Internet for communicating, maintaining social ties, entertainment, spreading knowledge, doing business, and much more.

The purpose of this tutorial is to teach participants how RPKI, one of the tools used to prevent prefix hijackings and route leaks, works.

It will explain why it is important for autonomous systems to use RPKI and how RPKI works. It will also show how to configure RPKI on Mi LACNIC and check the status of RPKI using LACNIC Tools.

Prior knowledge of the participants

Knowledge of BGP is recommended. If you hold resources assigned by LACNIC, we recommend you have the username and password for the account at hand so you can see how to configure RPKI for your resources.


Gianina Pensky, Head of Registration Services

Gianina Pensky holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering which she obtained from ORT University in Montevideo, Uruguay. She completed postgraduate studies in Technology Management, obtained a certificate from Tel Aviv University (Israel) after completing their Entrepreneurship & Innovation Training Program, and is currently completing a master's degree in Innovation Management at UDELAR university. She is currently Head of Registration Services at LACNIC, the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean. Prior to joining LACNIC, Gianina worked with ALCATEL in their 3D Network Optimization department and at IKATU/Bang & Olufsen, where she was involved in home automation projects.