IPv6 in Last Mile and Access Networks

Date Duration
 25 feb  60 min

The webinar has a simultaneous interpretation service available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Last mile and access networks use different technologies. We will briefly discuss the three most important technologies currently utilized by fixed access networks: GPON, xDSL and HFC DOCSIS. The webinar will focus on the practical aspects necessary to understand IPv6 deployment with these technologies. It will also include a demonstration of IPv6 on GPON networks.


Alejandro Acosta, Coordinador I+D LACNIC

Alejandro Acosta is currently working as R&D Engineer at LACNIC. He is also a member of various Internet-related organizations. Prior to this, he chaired LAC-TF (the Latin American and Caribbean IPv6 Task Force), served as Support and IT Manager at British Telecom (BT), and was a member of LACNIC's Electoral Commission. Alejandro has coordinated the annual FLIP-6 meeting and the Latin American IPv6 Forum. He also taught TCP/IP at university level for more than ten years.


José Cotúa

José Cotúa: Managing Director of SIMEON Company Chile. International consultant and specialist in technological platforms and Internet services for ISPs in the LAC region. LACNIC instructor on IPv6 and IPv6 transition mechanisms. Transmission networks, access networks, microwave, datacom, IPv6, IPTV and OTT, Internet platforms and IPv4 and IPv6 interconnection, Linux networking, CDN and content cache, Cloud platforms, and datacenter specialist. He has taught specialized courses on topics in the fields of Transmission (NG DWDM, ASON and NG ASON, SDN, Packets, SDN, and other NGN topics), Access (xDSL, GPON/10GPON/40GPON, HFC DOCSIS and DCCAP), Microwave RTN, PTN, Datacom, Enterprise, IMS, and IPv6. He has taught basic to advanced courses from Mexico to Argentina.

Prior knowledge of the participants

Basic and Intermediate IPv6. Next generation networks and Internet platforms.