LACNIC Geofeeds Service

LACNIC has developed an IP geolocation service inspired by IETF Internet Draft “A Format for Self-published IP Geolocation Feeds.” [ID:google-self-publisehd-geofeeds]

LACNIC member organization administrators can go to the “Geolocation” section of MiLACNIC and voluntarily generate geolocation information for their IP addresses. The more organizations update their data, the more useful the service will be for the region.

How can LACNIC member organizations contribute?

LACNIC member organizations willing to contribute can enter the information on where their IP addresses are being used (country, region and city).

Where is this information available?

The information included on our platform has been generated by a good part of our members and is publicly available at

This link allows anyone interested in doing so to download a .csv file containing all the geofeed records in the system.