IPv6 Day

June 10 Transcription

As part of the celebrations marking the eighth anniversary of World IPv6 Launch and IPv6 Day, LACNIC is organizing this webinar with the participation of leading experts on the subject.

In the region, IPv6 deployment rates have reached 21% and seven countries send more than 15% of their traffic over IPv6.

The webinar will be divided into two modules and will address the following topics:

18:00 UTC Opening Remarks Oscar Robles  
18:05 UTC IPv6 timelines Fred Baker PDF(2.2MB)
18:25 UTC IPv6 Security Alejandro Acosta PDF(6.1MB)
Lightning Talks
18:50 UTC IPv6 in Cloud Providers Tomás Lynch PDF(348KB)
19:10 UTC Interpreting IPv6 Numbers Carlos Martínez PDF(2.5MB)
19:30 UTC IPv6 in Times of Pandemic Alejandro Acosta PDF(1.2MB)
19:50 UTC Requesting IPv6 Address Blocks Lorenzo Abelenda PDF(5.2MB)

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in Spanish, English and Portuguese. A transcription service will be available in the language used by each speaker.