The moderator shall have the following responsibilities:

1. To moderate the list.

2. To propose and request the proposal of topics for discussion.

3. To prepare and coordinate the agendas for the face-to-face meetings of the Network Security community during LACNIC's annual meeting.

If necessary, to organize additional remote meetings (videoconferences, VoIP, chat, etc.).

4. To organize, with the support of LACNIC, a call for proposals for presentations at the face-to-face meeting.

5. To coordinate the process for selecting presentations and presenters for the meeting.

6. To moderate the annual LACSEC meeting.

7. To prepare an annual report on the activities that have been carried out and present it at the annual face-to-face meeting.

About the election of the moderator:

1. Moderator candidates must be members of the security list at and belong to the region of Latin America and the Caribbean.

2. The moderator shall be elected every two years within a 60-day period following LACNIC's annual meeting.

Note: The term of the elected moderator will end in June 2016 (within 60 days after the annual meeting of LACNIC), in order to synchronize the elections of the moderators of all LACNIC forums.

  • The successful candidate shall begin moderating the list immediately.

3. The election will be held through an electronic voting system offered by LACNIC's secretariat.

  • The voters register will be made up by the members of the Security list.
  • Each person interested in voting may cast only one vote.
  • The winning candidate will be the one who obtains the highest number of votes. Alternately, if N candidates receive the same number of votes, a second voting round will be held where interested voters will cast only one vote and only N candidates will participate.

4. Candidates may be self-nominated or nominated by third parties.

5. In order to submit a nomination, the following information must be sent to the security list at

  • * Candidate's name
  • * Candidate's e-mail address
  • * Name of the person presenting the nomination
    • -- In case of third-party nominations, the candidate must state his/her acceptance of the nomination on the list.
  • * CV and optional additional information such as proposals or ideas to be implemented in case of being elected.

The election will be held according to the following calendar:

11/28/2014 - 12/03/2014 - Candidate nominations

12/03/2014 - at 18:00 UTC  - Closing of the voters register and announcement of candidates

12/04/2014 - 12/11/2014 at 18:00 UTC - Voting period

12/12/2014 - Announcement of results

Because of their responsibility in administrating the election, LACNIC staff shall abstain from voting.

The election of the Network Security (LACSEC) Moderator will be conducted using LACNIC's electronic voting system. The system works as follows:

The system is configured with the nominated candidates, and the voters register ? which comprises all the e-mail accounts that are part of the list ? is loaded onto the system. A password is sent to each of these addresses so that they may access the system. During the voting period, users cast their vote and receive an e-mail containing a confirmation code and the name of the candidate they voted. This code may later be verified by each user.