A call for candidates is now open for the Electoral Process for LACNIC Fiscal Commission

According to the provisions of LACNIC's bylaws and the regulations defined by the Electoral Commission, and having fulfilled all relevant stages according to the rules in force, between 19 and 26 of July, 2016, elections were held in order to select the candidates who will occupy two seats on LACNIC's Fiscal Commission; votes were collected online.

Having counted the votes, the elected candidates are the following:

  • Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio
  • Hernán José Arcidiácono

Therefore, in view of its legally granted rights, LACNIC's Electoral Commission is honored to confirm that Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio shall occupy the seat for a three-year term; Hernán José Arcidiácono for a one-year term (to complete Mr. Adonaylo's term, which will end after the 2017 elections).

We congratulate the candidates elected for LACNIC's Fiscal Commision.
LACNIC´s Electoral Commission


CandidateCountry of residence (article 20)Candidate's OrganizationName of the person nominating the candidate (membership contact)Organization of the person nominating the candidate
Aristóteles Dantas Gaudêncio Brasil ENTERIW PROVEDOR DE INTERNET Klemenson Leal Anacleto Dataconnection Provedor de Internet
Cassio Jordão Motta Vecchiatti Brasil CGI.BR Hartmut Glaser CGI.BR
Clovis Antônio Cecconello Brasil Rio Grande Tecnologia e Comunicacao Multimidia Autonominación  
Fernando Oliveira Cambuhy Brasil Cambuhy Telecom/Info All Net Autonominación  
Hernán José Arcidiácono Argentina CABASE - IPLAN Hernan Seoane CABASE
Janyel de Assis Leite Brasil GEEKNET PROVEDOR DE INTERNET Autonominación  
Jesús Martínez Alfonso Cuba SITRANS Autonominación  
José Enrique Díaz Jolly México   Felipe Tribaldos CloudFlare Latin America
Valdemir Cesar da Silva Brasil RIX INTERNET Autonominación