Network security forum (LACSEC) moderator election

Moderator of the Security Forum (LACSEC) - Election Result

LACNIC, June 30, 2016

In accordance with the procedure for the election of LACSEC moderator:

and closed the deadline for voting, the secretariat of LACNIC announces that Fernando Gont has been reelected as moderator of LACSEC for the next period. The mandate of Fernando as LACSEC moderator ends in June 2018.

  • FERNANDO GONT                              105 votes
  • PAULA VENOSA                                  78 votes
  • JULIO CÉSAR BALDERRAMA          37 votes        
  • Total votes:                                             220
  • Number of voters:                                  220

Congratulations to Fernando for his reelection and many thanks to Paula Venosa and Julio Balderrama for their participation.

Best regards,
LACNIC Secretariat