Horacio Tedesco


Horacio Tedesco studied electronic engineering at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Buenos Aires.

Since 1978, he has worked in the area of telecommunications, developing vast experience in the field of international communications, the planning and administration of networks, computer systems and engineering. He has also taught computer science at secondary and tertiary level, as well as both face-to-face and distance education courses in the management of IP networks and the use of VoIP in international forums.

Horacio has been responsible for the administration and allocation of IP numbers for Argentina, managing them in collaboration with ARIN and then LACNIC since its creation in 2002. Also since 2002 he has worked in the management of international network VoIP / NGN in Telefónica de Argentina / Telefónica Global Solutions in the position of administrator of the VoIP/IP network to LACNIC.

Without interruption since 2004 and LACNIC VII in San José de Costa Rica he has actively participated in technical and public forums, on discussion threads, and attended lectures of interest organised by LACNIC/LACNOG, where he continues to defend the interests of the regional community.

Horacio currently has responsibility as the technical service manager of Telefónica of Brazil with a focus on VoIP / NGN international service, as well as management and statistics for Telefónica Global Solutions.

He is a native Spanish speaker, and also speaks English and Portuguese.