LACNIC events provide a regional meeting space for multistakeholder dialogue, high-level technical training, and the discussion of topics that are of the greatest interest to the Internet community.

Activities, forums and panels offered at LACNIC events include, among other, the Public Policy Forum; technical tutorials covering topics such as IPv6 Monitoring, BGP Routing and RPKI, DNSSEC, Internet Resource Management, and IPv6 in fixed and mobile access networks; the Internet Governance panel; the Network Security Forum; the Peering Forum; the LACTLD meeting; the LAC-IX meeting; the Regional Interconnection Forum; and the Latin American IPv6 Forum. Top-level speakers and panelists contribute to each of these activities.

In addition, the May event hosts the Annual Member Assembly, while the October event is co-located with the Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Forum (LACNOG), a forum for discussing, learning and collaborating on issues directly related to Internet network operation.

All LACNIC events provide simultaneous interpretation in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) and promote networking and the sharing of experiences within more informal spaces, such as the welcome cocktail, the social event and the Women and IT Cocktail.

Each meeting is typically attended by more than 500 experienced professionals from leading Internet organizations as well as government, academia and civil society representatives. For the most part, participants are Internet service provider (ISP) managers and technical staff, network engineers, experts in new technologies, Internet exchange point operators (IXPs/NAPs), content providers, international carriers, Regional Internet Registry and ICANN staff, as well as government, academic sector and civil society representatives.

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