Registration Services

LACNIC offers ASN and IP address block registration and allocation service for organizations in Latin America and Caribbean Region.

The following Internet Resources can be requested directly to LACNIC:

To request an Internet resources, fill the form available in the following link:

Once the request is approved, the organization will be requested to pay a registration fee, which can be verified at "Fee Table".

It will be also necessary for the organization to sign and "Registration Service Agreement" with LACNIC. But only if this agreement was not signed before in some other opportunity.

The signed agreement should be sent via postal mail to LACNIC office.
Details at: "Contact us".

Organizations located in Mexico should request Internet Resources (ASN, IPv4 and IPv6 blocks), directly to IAR.MX, which is the National Internet Registry to Mexico.
More details at:

Organizations located in Brazil should request Internet Resources (IPv4, IPv6 blocks and ASN), directly to NIC.BR, which is the National Internet Registry to Brazil.
More details at:


Legacy Resources

It is considered legacy resource those allocated before RIRs (Regional Internet Registry) formation.

Any Internet Resource (IP block, ASN) with registration date before Dec 28th 1997 is considered legacy.

More information at this link


Managing Internet Resources

Those Internet Resource allocated by LACNIC should be managed via the web system available at: "Administration IP and ASN".

Reallocation and DNS server for inverse resolution should be registered using this system.

The administration could be done by the technical contact (tech-c) of the Internet Resource. Who should provide its "UserID" and personal password at the "login page".

More information at the "Guide of the System"


Other important informations

The Internet resources under LACNIC responsibility are:

IPv4 block:

  asignación mínima /22 /22 /22 /22 /22 /22 /22 /22 /24 /22

IPv6 block:

  minimum allocation prefix
2001:1200::/23 /48
2800:0000::/12 /48


  • 26592 - 26623
  • 27648 - 28671
  • 52224 - 53247
  • 262144 - 263167 (32bits ASNs)

IPv6 block reserved for End Users assignments

  • 2801:0000::/24

The minimal assignment block for these organizations is /48

IP blocks and ASNs transfered according to the ERX project

ERX Various Space in /16

IP blocks assigned or reserved for IXP (Internet Exchange Points), in the region:

  • 2001:13c7:6000::/36

The minimal assignment block for these organizations is /48

IP blocks saved for assignments to critical infrastructures in the region (ccTLDs, RIRs, etc), and that therefore should not be filtered:

  • 2001:13c7:7000::/36

The minimal assignment block for these organizations is /48

At "stats file" it is possible to follow the allocations make daily and some other information about them.