Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission organizes and supervises elections to ensure the transparency of the entire process. It is in charge of analyzing and deciding on any problems that might arise during an election, as well as of counting votes and proclaiming final results.

Name Country Term
José Enrique Díaz Jolly Mexico May 6, 2014 - until 2016 Election
Jorge Luis Legrá Álvarez Cuba May 6, 2014 - until 2017 Election
Marcelo Corradini Brasil June 30, 2015 - until 2018 Election


José Enrique Díaz Jolly


Born in Mexico City on February 6, 1966, José Enrique Díaz Jolly holds a degree in Cybernetics Engineering from La Salle University. Since then he has been involved in the development of Internet services. During the early days of the World Wide Web, he helped establish the IEEE's presence in Latin America after having collaborated in establishing the region's presence on Gopher in 1994.

Jorge Luis Legrá Álvarez


Legrá Alvarez holds a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose Antonio Echeverria (Havana, Cuba) and a Master's degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Escuela Superior de Estudios de Marketing (Madrid, Spain).

Marcelo Corradini


Marcelo Corradini, 52 years old, is Chemical and enabled in Sciences in the Foundation Santo André - Santo André/SP. It has expertise in the areas of Telecom, IT and IT.