Electoral Commission Elections 2017

Enrique Dí­az Jolly


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Ivan Zilic Schmidt


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Vivian Valverde

Costa Rica

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A call for candidates is now open for the Electoral Process for LACNIC Electoral Commission

This organism organizes and supervises elections to ensure the transparency of the entire process. It is in charge of analyzing and deciding on any problems that might arise during an election, as well as of counting votes and proclaiming final results.

The current members are:

Name Country Term

Jorge Luis Legrá Álvarez


May 6, 2014 - until 2017 Election

Marcelo Corradini


June 30, 2015 - until 2018 Election

Horacio Tedesco


June 13, 2016 - until 2019 Election

According to articles 24 and 25 of the LACNIC Bylaws (see LACNIC Bylaws), a call for candidates is now open to fill the vacancy generated by the end of the term of Jorge Luis Legrá Álvarez* at the end of this electoral process.

According to the Bylaws, members of the Electoral Commission each serve a three-year term and are annually renewed on a rotating basis.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Candidates must be nominated by a LACNIC member* (self-nominations are allowed).
  • Nominations will be accepted taking into consideration the incompatibilities referred to in article 24 of the LACNIC Bylaws applicable to members of the Electoral Commission, as well as all legal provisions in force under said Bylaws.

*Nominations must be submitted by the person authorized to exercise their organization's membership rights, i.e., the person registered on LACNIC's database as its membership contact or point of contact responsible for the organization.

Member organizations may nominate up to one candidate for each seat to be filled.

To nominate a candidate:

Please write to the following address eleccion_comisiones@lacnic.net and include the following information:

Subject: Electoral Commission Candidate - 2017

Candidate's name:



Country of residence

Candidate's email address:

Brief biography of the candidate:

Name of the person nominating the candidate:

Organization of the person nominating the candidate:

Reason for the nomination:

About the electoral process:

According to article 25 of the LACNIC Bylaws (see the article), the election will be conducted online according to the following timeline.

Important: according to Article 19 of the Statute: "The votes of Members that qualify for than one category shall not be cumulative; these members shall only be entitled to the number of votes corresponding to the category with the largest number of votes."

Who votes? How are votes cast?

Each member organization has a designated representative (their membership contact) who has the right to vote on behalf of the organization he or she represents.

This person will be duly contacted via email and provided with the details of the election and the corresponding voting instructions. The accuracy of this contact's information is solely the member's responsibility; LACNIC will in no way be responsible for updating such information.

For any question regarding your membership contact and/or the number of votes assigned to your organization: membresia@lacnic.net

If you wish to update your organization's contact details, the steps you must follow are available here (do not apply to members in Mexico and Brazil – they must write to Nic Mx and Nic Br).

Only those organizations that are current with their membership fees will be able to vote (see the calendar below).

If you have any questions regarding your organization's financial situation, please contact facturacion@lacnic.net (do not apply to members in Mexico and Brazil – they must write to Nic Mx and Nic Br).



March 9

Candidate nomination period

From March 9 to April 7

Voters registry* and candidate presentation closes

April 7

Reception of complaints about the voters registry

12 – 13 – 14 April

Deadline for decision on complaints regarding the voter's registry

April 17

Period for publishing candidates' statements, Q&A with the candidates

From April 10 to May 24

Voting opens

May 3

Voting period

From May 3  to May 10

Voting closes

May 10

Electoral Commission's audit

From May 11 to May 14

Reception of complaints about the votes

May 15 – 16 - 17

Last day for the Electoral Commission's decisions

From May 18 to May 21

Names of elected candidates are published

May 24

**Only organizations that are debt-free as at April 7 will be included in the voters registry.

***The voting period will open and close automatically based on UTC time (00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC).