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Resource Administration System and Whois Service (FAQ)

How can I reset the password I use to login to the system?

To reset your password, go to www.lacnic.net, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on My Services.

Then click on the "Resource Administration System" button. Enter your user ID in the UserID field; enter a string having at least 7 characters in the Password field.

On the following screen you should see a "Forgot Password" button. Click on this button and a password reminder will be sent to the registered email address.

Check your email inbox; if the password reminder isn't there, check your spam folder. The email will contain a reminder that should help you remember your password. If you are still unable to remember your password, please forward this email message as is to hostmaster@lacnic.net with the subject PASSWORD.

Once we receive your email, a new password will be emailed to you.

To see the help video on this topic, click on the following link: http://youtu.be/E_csqOZmR0U

How can I check my Organization's userID?

To find out the userID of an Organization's technical contact, go to http://whois.lacnic.net. In the search box, enter a resource assigned to your Organization (IPv4 block, IPv6 block or ASN). Search results will include an owner-c field, which will show your Organization's userID.

To see the help video on this topic, click on the following link: http://youtu.be/MvBNDAmnIP4

How can I check my organization's OWNER-ID?

All Internet resources assigned by LACNIC are associated with an Entity that represents the organization receiving the resource. All entities registered in LACNIC's s­­ystem have a unique identifier ?the OWNER-ID.

To find out the OWNER-ID associated with an organization all you must do is query one of the Internet resources assigned to that entity using WHOIS de LACNIC.service

The response to this query will include a field (ownerid) with the organization's OWNER-ID.

On Unix systems the following command can also be run: whois ?h whois.lacnic.net OWNER-ID

How can I check all the resources assigned to my organization?

You can perform a query on WHOIS de LACNICservice using the organization's OWNER-ID. The lower part of the query results shows the list of resources assigned to the organization under the following labels:

On Unix systems the following commands can also be run:

  • aut-num: autonomous system numbers (ASN).
  • inetnum: IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks.
  • whois ?h whois.lacnic.net IPv4
  • whois ?h whois.lacnic.net IPv6
  • whois ?h whois.lacnic.net ASN

How can I change the language of the LACNIC's web system's interface?

LACNIC's resource management system can be used in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The interface uses the language selected by the user when registering.

Existing users can modify this information by logging into the system, clicking on "ID update" and selecting the desired language. As with any other change, the new language option will only be used after the user has confirmed the change by following the instructions received via email.

Why does my computer say that the IP addresses assigned to my company have a postal address in Uruguay?

Some traceroute or IP query tools are still configured to query the WHOIS database of the three RIRs that existed before LACNIC's creation (APNIC, ARIN and RIPE NCC).

Before 29 July 2002, IP addresses in the block were administrated by ARIN. Since then, these blocks have become LACNIC's responsibility.

ARIN's Whois server now only reports that these blocks have been transferred to LACNIC, whose administrative headquarters are located in Uruguay. It also suggests performing an additional query on WHOIS de LACNICserver.

This is why certain tools that query ARIN's but not LACNIC's WHOIS server report the postal address of all block addresses as being in Uruguay.

LACNIC has reached out to some of these tools' developers to facilitate any necessary updates to their products.

How can I update the information of an IP address block or ASN that was not assigned by LACNIC?

Before updating your resource's information, it is first necessary to update the information that LACNIC received from ARIN.

To do so, you must first request an "update password" from LACNIC's Hostmaster (one-time password). Your email to the Hostmaster must include the organization's OWNER-ID as well as the point of contact's USER-ID. You will then be emailed a password that can be used to update the Entity's information.

Simply log into LACNIC's resource administration system with your USER-ID and personal password and then click on the "Legacy Resources" button.

[ FIG 26 - Entity Update]

Enter the organization's OWNER-ID and the password that was emailed to you on this screen.

[ FIG 27 - Actualizar Entidad ]

At the end of this process, the resources assigned to this entity will be visible on the system's home page and the authenticated user, i.e. the USER ID that will be the contact for these resources, will be able to manage them.

How I can manage the resources assigned to my organization?

IP address blocks and ASNs must be managed by their technical contact. For this, you must log into LACNIC's system at Mi LACNIC with your userID and personal password.

The resources for which you are the technical contact will be shown on the system's home page. To manage your resources you must click on an IP address block or ASN.

In the case of IP address blocks, you will the option to sub-assign addresses to third parties, delegate reverse DNS resolution, verify the utilization of the blocks that have already been assigned, and register the ASN through which the block is announced.

I can log into LACNIC's system with my userID and password, but I can't see any IP address blocks or ASNs assigned to my organization. What should I do?

Check if the userID used to access the system is the technical contact for any IP address blocks or ASNs.

To do so, query the IP address block or ASN in LACNIC's WHOIS server and look for the "tech-c" field in the response. It will show the userID of the queried IP address block or ASN's technical contact. This is the userID that must be used to manage the resource.

How can I manage my organization's points of contact?

To change or modify an Organization's points of contact, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to www.lacnic.net, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on My Services. Then click on the "Resource Administration System" button.
  2. In the following screen, login with the userID of your Organization's administrative contact.

Note: Each LACNIC member Organization has three points of contact: an administrative contact, a billing contact, and a membership contact.

  1. Once you login, go to "Entities" and click on the name of your Organization.
  2. Under "Information about the Organization contacts" you will be able to modify the administrative, billing and membership contacts using the corresponding userID.

To see the help video on this topic, click on the following link: http://youtu.be/rkbnHfh1RBM


How I can report on Fraud, Information of Conctact Points or Whois Innacuracy?

Reports for changing the Contact Points for Membership and Whois Inaccuracy should be directed to the email account hostmaster@lacnic.net. Fraud reports should be directed to abuse@lacnic.net

How can I register a sub-assignment in LACNIC's database?

According to the LACNIC policies currently in force, any sub-assignment to a third party of a /29 or shorter prefix, i.e. 8 or more IP addresses, must be registered on LACNIC's database and the information must be available via whois query.

To complete this registration, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to www.lacnic.net, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on My Services. Then click on the "Resource Administration System" button.
  2. In the following screen, login with your Organization's userID.
  3. One you've logged in, find and click on the main block assigned by LACNIC.
  4. In the following screen, click repeatedly on the Extend button until reaching the desired block.
  5. Once you reach this block, for example block 201.219.253/29, click on the Assign button.

Bear in mind that in order to reach prefixes longer than a /24, i.e. blocks smaller than a Class C, reverse resolution must have been properly delegated.

At this point, you have three options:

  1. If you know your client's ownerID, enter this ownerID in the ownerID field and press Enter. The system will display the information corresponding to this ownerID. Verify and check that your client's information is correct, and then press Enter.
  2. If you don't know your client's ownerID, leave this field blank. In the Name field, enter your client's name, e.g. "NET Internet," select your country, and then press Enter. The system will search our database and display any relevant results. Find and click on your client's name on this list, check that the information is correct and confirm by pressing Enter.
  3. If the search results don't include your client, go to the bottom of the screen and click on "Click here to create a new entity."

Enter your client's information on the form in the following screen (name, contact, postal address, and telephone number).

The userID you enter in the "User Identification" field will be responsible for this Organization. You can use your own userID, i.e. the userID you used to login to the system. If you'd like to create a new userID for this Organization, the video tutorial "How to create a userID" should be of help.

Once the form is complete, press Enter. The system will display the ownerID assigned to your client. Press Enter once more to confirm the assignment of block xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/29.

To see the help video on this topic, click on the following link: http://youtu.be/Rsiu77Ea9gI

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