Accessing RDAP

The Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) is designed to address a number of shortcomings of the traditional Whois service, such as internationalization, standardization of queries and responses, the inclusion of special characters, and difficulties in parsing.

RDAP has major advantages over the traditional Whois: it provides a standard, unified response; it is easier to use and integrate with other systems; and it allows performing queries in languages other than English.

LACNIC applies to RDAP the concept of API key, which consists of issuing of “tokens” that allow users to access the Whois service. Tokens are issued after the requesting parties sign agreements that will guarantee the proper use of the information.

Access to Whois information via RDAP is subject to the same restrictions as traditional Whois queries. 

To request access to Bulk RDAP, complete this form and post it to the following address:

Rambla Rep. de México 6125
CP 11400
Montevideo - Uruguay