About the Review Committee (RC) and its Electoral Process

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All information regarding the Review Committee is available in this section and the Review Committee section

All communications regarding the election of NRO NC/ASO AC members will be published on our website and through the Announcements (anuncios@lacnic.net, subscribe) and  Policy (politicas@lacnic.net, subscribe) mailing lists. 


The Service Level Agreement for the IANA Numbering Services (NRO SLA) considers the creation of a Review Committee (RC). This Review Committee will be made up by three (3) representatives of each RIR.


The RC will comprise a total of fifteen members, three from each of the five RIRs, as follows:

Powers and Responsibilities

The functions of the Review Committee (RC) include advising and assisting the NRO EC in its periodic review of the service level of the IANA Numbering Services provided to the Internet Number Community.

Terms and Incompatibilities 

Each year LACNIC announces a public call for nominations to fill one (1) vacancy on the Review Committee corresponding to the LACNIC region. The elected representative serves a two-year term.

Any individual from the LACNIC region may be nominated, provided that the following incompatibilities are observed:


Positions on the Review Committee are honorary, therefore RC members do not receive compensation for their services.

Members of the RC will not receive from LACNIC or the NRO any compensation or reimbursement of expenses for their services.

Although it is not expected that members of the RC will be required to travel as part of their duties, should it be necessary for them to do so, LACNIC will cover the cost of transportation and accommodation for LACNIC region representatives to attend those events where their participation is necessary to exercise their duties on behalf of the LACNIC Community.


What are the requirements for being nominated? How are nominations submitted?

If only one candidate meets the requirements, voting will not be necessary. Such candidate's appointment must be ratified by the LACNIC Board.

Should failure to perform their duties affect the RC's operation, the LACNIC Board may decide the removal of any member of the RC. The Board will publish the reasons for the removal and will appoint one or two temporary substitute members, as appropriate, within a maximum of two weeks. Temporary substitute members will serve on the committee until the next election.

Should a member of the RC be elected to the LACNIC Board of Directors, such member must resign from the RC before taking office on the Board.

Who can vote? How does voting take place?

  • Voting takes place during a meeting of the LACNIC Public Policy Forum.
  • Anyone who is inside the room when the voting begins may vote.
  • Each voter may check the name of one (1) candidate on the voting sheet. Each checkmark will be counted as one vote.
  • Votes are anonymous.
  • A three-member commission appointed during the Public Forum will be responsible for counting the votes. Candidates may not be part of this commission.
  • Once the votes have been counted, the candidate with the highest number of votes will be proclaimed representative of the LACNIC region to the NC.