About LACNIC Electoral Commission and its electoral process


According to LACNIC's Bylaws, LACNIC Electoral Commission consists of five members.

Article 24, chapter V:

This commission shall be responsible for overseeing and certifying the electoral processes of the bodies established under these Bylaws, including contesting or restricting to one the positions and candidacies at stake due to incompatibilities (having the authority to eliminate and/or restrict the candidacy of one or more contested candidates and/or candidates investigated at the Electoral Commission's own initiative), as well as for counting the votes and determining the results and winning candidates. The Electoral Commission may act based on third- party accusations or on its own initiative, and has the authority to summon an Extraordinary Assembly in case of serious irregularities in the election.

Powers and responsibilities

The same responsibilities and tasks that are found in article 24 correspond to the five members.

Mandates and incompatibilities (article 24):

Electoral Commission Meetings

The work and communications of the Electoral Commission are developed online. Through emails and the Elections System of LACNIC.

LACNIC Code of Ethics

Like the staff of LACNIC, the Electoral Commission is ruled by our LACNIC Code of Ethics.


Who can be nominated and how?

Who can vote and how?