2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey

2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey

MERCOPLUS Latin America, a company that offers market research services throughout Latin America, conducted a study to assess the levels of satisfaction among LACNIC member companies.

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In this summary, we would like to share some of the survey's findings:

  • 94% of customers are satisfied or very satisfied with LACNIC. "We identified good levels of overall satisfaction with LACNIC. These levels have remained relatively stable as compared to previous measurements and are accompanied by high levels of willingness to recommend." In this sense, LACNIC customers are not only willing to recommend the organization's services, but also said they would be "very open to recommending the company and provide good references."
  • Members also expressed their satisfaction with resource assignment (IPv4, IPv6, and ASN). Other activities that received a positive evaluation from LACNIC members include the Annual Assembly, the WHOis directory, Reverse DNS, in-person IPv6 workshops, and the Public Policy Forum.
  • An increase was noted in the level of satisfaction regarding annual fees – 63% of survey respondents indicated that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the annual fees paid to LACNIC. While 75% expressed their agreement with the payment procedure, one out of three customers suggested the possibility of adding new payment methods such as PayPal, local collection points, and credit cards.
  • In terms of the community's relationships with the organization, customers highlighted the ease with which they are able to communicate (69%) and LACNIC's response times (61%), while 9 out of 10 valued the ease, friendliness, technical capability, and clarity of LACNIC staff.
  • Almost all members (97%) have visited LACNIC's website and expressed good levels of satisfaction (82%). Customers noted their satisfaction with the website and mentioned aspects such as its user-friendliness, usefulness, clarity, and the fact that posted information is always up to date.

LACNIC would like to thank everyone for the comments and suggestions received through the survey, as these help us improve our quality of service.