Migration to LACNIC's New RPKI System

8 april 2024

During the month of April, LACNIC will migrate to a new RPKI resource certification system, which has already reached a 50% adoption rate in IPv4 and nearly 40% in IPv6.

LACNIC's new RPKI system will be operational in the week of 15 to 22 April, incorporating elements of the standards defined by the IETF. The new version will have greater stability than its predecessor and will incorporate open-source technologies that have been tested in similar environments.

The LACNIC team has been developing and implementing this new open-source platform based on Krill (https://nlnetlabs.nl/projects/routing/krill/) for nearly two years, which will increase the robustness of the resource certification system.

It should be noted that the migration process will be transparent to the users of the platform, in other words, users should not notice any impact on the service when accessing through https://milacnic.lacnic.net/lacnic/login.

The migration is scheduled to begin on 15 April at 9:30 am (UTC-3) and is expected to take approximately three hours to complete.

For more information on LACNIC's RPKI system, go to https://www.lacnic.net/640/2/lacnic/resource-certification-rpki

Enquires: rpki-migracion@lacnic.net