2023 ASO Address Council (ASO AC) Election


The LACNIC Board recommends refraining from sending electoral propaganda by mass messaging contacts obtained from the LACNIC database. The Board would also like to remind you that LACNIC mailing lists are provided for the discussion of specific topics and must therefore not be used to distribute electoral propaganda.

Positions and call for candidates

Call for candidates

This is an open call for nominations to fill one (1) seat on the IAASO Address Council in representation of the LACNIC region.

The elected representative will serve a three-year term beginning on 1st January 2024.

How many members of the Committee represent LACNIC?

Three. Two representatives elected by the community and a representative of the RIR staff who is appointed by the Board.

What are their powers and responsibilities?

The Address Council (AC) is responsible for the ASO's administrative functions.

The ASO Address Council consists of fifteen members, three from each of the five Regional Internet Registry (RIR) communities. It is responsible for overseeing and developing recommendations on IP addressing policies and advising the ICANN Board on these topics. It is also responsible for appointing two directors to serve on the ICANN Board through an open call for nominations and the corresponding selection process. 


Who can be nominated? How are nominations submitted?

  1. Any person from the LACNIC region may be nominated in this process, with the exception of staff members of any of the Regional Internet Registries, members of the LACNIC Board of Directors, and any person having the same nationality as one of the ASO AC members elected by the LACNIC community and currently in office.*
    • * The community representative currently serving on this committee is a Brazil national. 
  2. Self-nominations are allowed.
  3. In order to be accepted, candidates must state that they are familiar with the LACNIC Policy Development Process, the role of the ASO AC, and the forms in which the community can participate in these processes
  4. Only candidates who receive 5 (two) expressions of support from citizens of the LACNIC region before the corresponding deadline may run in the election.

Additional information

  1. Candidate information (acknowledgment of nominations, expressions of support, candidate bios) will be published on LACNIC's website.
  2. If the deadline for candidate nominations expires and no candidates meeting all the requirements have been nominated, an additional 15-day nomination period will be announced during which the limitation regarding candidates’ country of origin will be waived
  3. Should a member of the ASO AC be elected to the LACNIC Board of Directors, such member must resign from the ASO AC before taking office on the Board.??

Candidate nominations and expression of support forms