LACNIC Campus Expands Its Training Offer with 3 Specializations in Network Operation

13 September 2022

As part of its ongoing efforts to contribute to the development of ICT professionals in the region, LACNIC announces the launch of three specializations with a focus on network operation, all of them available through the organization's e-learning platform, the LACNIC Campus:

  • ISP Network Operation
  • Campus Network Operation
  • Datacenter Network Operation

The specializations (in Spanish) offered by the LACNIC Campus will be implemented in stages and will combine courses that are already available with new intermediate and advanced courses. Likewise, starting in 2023, Campus students will have the option to take a certification exam (either online or in person) for each specialization to back the technical knowledge they acquire.

According to Laura Kaplan, Development and Cooperation Manager at LACNIC, “The specialization program is an evolution of the technical training courses we offer through the LACNIC Campus. It will allow professionals working with LACNIC member organizations and the technical community in general a training path with different levels and content specifically designed to strengthen their skills.”

Students will be able to complete the courses and levels in the order of their choosing depending on their specific interests and needs. Courses will still be available individually, without the need to complete a specialization.

In addition, students who have passed the valid and updated versions of the courses in the past can also complete the specialization programs. 

“This is a training opportunity that reaffirms our commitment to the development of the community and Internet growth in Latin America and the Caribbean,” Kaplan concluded.

For more information, contact or visit the LACNIC Campus.