Transfer due a merger, acquisition or change of name.

These are cases where one organization absorbs another, including the purchase of assets and liabilities. They also cover situations where one organization merges with another or when an organization changes its legal name. For this type of transfers, section of the Policy Manual will apply.


Complete the corresponding form providing information that is relevant to the transfer, such as the resources to be transferred, the receiving organization and the reason for the transfer.

This form must be completed by the userID of the offering organization's administrative contact.

In addition to submitting the application form, applicants will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. A copy of the legal document confirming the transfer of assets.
  2. A detailed inventory of all the assets used by the applicant to keep the IPv4 address space in use.
  3. A list of clients and the numbering plan to be used with the address ranges to be transferred, justifying the need.


Cost of the Transfer

By resolution of the LACNIC Board of Directors, transfers under this policy will be made at no cost. However, the following cases should be considered:

  1. If the receiving organization is a member of LACNIC and its category changes, a complementary invoice will be issued for the difference corresponding to the new category for the number of months remaining until the renewal date.
  2. The offering organization must be current with its contractual obligations to LACNIC.
  3. If the receiving organization has not already been assigned resources by LACNIC, they must sign a service agreement with LACNIC.