Tutorial Resource management MiLACNIC and Policy proposals in LACNIC35

Date Duration
 06 may  120 min


The first tutorial has been designed for those interested in understanding how to use MiLACNIC and the options it provides for managing the resources an organization has been assigned.

It is geared towards representatives of LACNIC member organizations that been assigned IPv4 and/or IPv6 resources directly by LACNIC.

Having a username and password to access MiLACNIC is recommended. You can obtain this information from your organization's technical contact.

Important: Given that NIRs in the LACNIC region use a different platform, the material shown during the presentation will not be available to members of organizations in Brazil and Mexico.

As for Policies, during the webinar we will share LACNIC's current Policy Development Process and the proposals currently under discussion for our upcoming LACNIC 35 Public Policy Forum.


  • Lorenzo Abelenda, Resource Analyst
  • Mariela Rocha, Coordinator of Policies and Training