The FRIDA Program Opens Call for Proposals for Funding Internet Related Projects in the Region

26 April 2021

FRIDA, LACNIC's regional fund for strengthening the Internet in Latin America and the Caribbean, is inviting proposals for funding innovative projects that promote Internet stability, security and openness in the region.

The 2021 edition of the program will fund projects in three categories: Internet Stability and Security, Open and Free Internet, and Internet Access.

Proposals will be accepted through FRIDA's online platform starting on 26 April. The program expects to present three awards (one per category) and fourteen grants ranging from US$ 10,000 to US$ 40,000 for projects to be executed in a period of up to twelve months.

“The projects submitted each year are very inspiring. They remind us that there is a very active community developing ideas for improving the Internet and using technology to solve specific problems,” said Laura Kaplan, Head of Development and Cooperation at LACNIC. “I encourage everyone who has a project in this area to apply to the 2021 call for proposals to extend the scope of their work.”

The application process will be divided into two stages. First, applicants must submit a summary of their initiative. Shortlisted projects will be announced on 2 August and will then move on to the second stage of the process, during which the submission of a detailed proposal will be required. Carolina Aguerre, Amparo Arango, María Paz Canales, Antonio Moreiras, Arturo Servin, and Erika Vega will be part of the panel of experienced Latin American and Caribbean professionals who will be responsible for selecting the winning projects. The winning projects will be announced on 20 September.

More information and the answers to the most frequently asked questions are available here.