Election process to elect one member for the ASO Address Council


The LACNIC Board recommends refraining from sending electoral propaganda by mass messaging contacts obtained from the LACNIC database.

The Board would also like to remind you that LACNIC mailing lists are provided for the discussion of specific topics and must therefore not be used to distribute electoral propaganda.


During its meeting held on 22 October 2020, the Board of Directors ratified Jorge Daniel Villa Hernandez, the only candidate standing for election for a position on the ASO Address Council. His term will begin on 1 January 2021 and will end on 31 December 2023. 

If you have any questions, please address them to membresia@lacnic.net

Given that only 1 candidate has been nominated for the position, the election will not take place. The board of directors has the power to ratify the candidate during their monthly meeting on October 22.

LACNIC Electoral Commission presents the candidate to this electoral process:

The application received for the position will remain vacant from January 1, 2019.

Jorge Daniel Villa Hernandez


Jorge Daniel Villa Hernandez

Biography and motivation for nomination

Country of citizenship: Cuba

Country of residence: Cuba

Organization name: Ministerio de Educación Superior

Name of nominating individual: Alain Lamadrid Vallina

Organization of nominating individual: Ministerio de Educación Superior

Expressions of support: Hugo Salgado (NIC Chile), Rogerio Mariano (Azion), Narda Erika Vega Valenzuela (LACNOG), Ariel S. Weher (LACNOG), Jaime Olmos de la Cruz (6consultores SA. de CV.)

Questions and comments to the candidate:

Submission of questions or comments to the candidates ended on 15 September at 18:00 UTC

Nomination of Candidates

This is an open call for nominations to fill one (1) seat on the ASO Address Council in representation of the LACNIC region.

The elected representative will serve a three-year term beginning on 1st January 2021.

About the ASO Address Council

How many members are part of the ASO AC in representation of LACNIC?


What are their responsibilities?

The Address Council (AC) is responsible for the ASO's administrative functions.

The ASO Address Council consists of fifteen members, three from each of the five Regional Internet Registry (RIR) communities. It is responsible for overseeing and developing recommendations on IP addressing policies and advising the ICANN Board on these topics. It is also responsible for appointing two directors to serve on the ICANN Board through an open call for nominations and the corresponding selection process. 

Important information regarding this election process

Who can be nominated? How are nominations submitted?
  1. Any person from the LACNIC region may be nominated in this process, with the exception of staff members of any of the Regional Internet Registries, members of the LACNIC Board of Directors, and any person having the same nationality as one of the ASO AC members elected by the LACNIC community and currently in office.*
    * The community representative currently serving on the ASO AC is a Brazilian national. This means that citizens of this country can only nominate candidates who are citizens of other countries of our region.
  2. Self-nominations are allowed.
  3. In order to be accepted, candidates must state that they are familiar with the LACNIC Policy Development Process, the role of the ASO AC, and the forms in which the community can participate in these processes
  4. Only candidates who receive at least 5 (five) expressions of support from citizens of the LACNIC region before the corresponding deadline may run in the election.
Who can vote? How does voting take place?

Due to the pandemic declared by the WHO and considering that our in-person events are now being moved online, community elections, which until recently were held in person at the Public Policy Forum, are currently being held online.

  1. Voting is conducted online using LACNIC's election software.
  2. Anyone who subscribes to the Policy list before the closing of the voters’ registry will be eligible to vote.
  3. Anyone who subscribes to the Policy list before the voters’ registry closes will be eligible to vote.
  4. Votes are anonymous.
Additional information:
  1. Candidate information (acknowledgment of nominations, expressions of support, candidate bios) will be published on LACNIC's website.
  2. If the deadline for candidate nominations expires and no candidates meeting all the requirements have been nominated, an additional 15-day nomination period will be announced during which the limitation regarding candidates’ country of origin will be waived
  3. Should a member of the ASO AC be elected to the LACNIC Board of Directors, such member must resign from the ASO AC before taking office on the Board.

2020 Calendar


Nomination period opens (with the corresponding expressions of support): 

4 August / 18:00 UTC

Voters’ registry closes:

7 August / 18:00 UTC

Nomination period closes (with the corresponding expressions of support): 

3 September / 18:00 UTC

Candidate list is published: 

9 September / 18:00 UTC

Submission of questions or comments to the candidates: 

from 9 to 15 September / 18:00 UTC

Online voting period begins: 

5 October / 18:00 UTC

Online voting period closes:

7 October / 18:00 UTC

Audit by the Electoral Commission: 

7, 8, 9  October from/to 18:00 UTC

Provisional results are published subject to observations:

9 August / 18:00 UTC

Submission of potential claims regarding the online voting process: 

9 to 13 October / 18:00 UTC

Deadline for responding to any claims received regarding the online voting process: 

16 October / 18:00 UTC

Official results are published (if no claims are received regarding the voting process): 

13 October / 18:00 UTC

Official results are published (if claims are received regarding the voting process): 

19 October / 18:00 UTC

Candidate nominations and expression of support: The period for nominating candidates and submitting expressions of support ended on 3 September at 18:00 UTC

More information:


If you have any questions, please email membresia@lacnic.net